Born in 1979 in Malaysia, Lina Ali expresses her love for arts and creativity through
oil on canvas and occasionally works with mediums such as acrylics and charcoal as
well digital arts. Each of her painting takes you to a deep emotional level and
manifest an unspoken sensual beauty, where fantasy and reality become one. Lina
Ali employs colours based on her intimate feelings of each individual artwork, inside
of which every soft brushstrokes or elements blends with each other as if they are an
extension to one another. Through each carefully sized artwork, she brings you along
a journey with the stories she tells in them.

Lina Ali has created artworks for many art lovers including established
corporations, self made millionaires, as well as politicians like YB Datuk Mas
Ermieyati Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and
Cooperatives (MEDAC). She was featured as guest speaker in the 100xDNA Masterclass by Daniel Tolson, Australia’s #1business expert on Emotional Intelligence,
where she spoke to more than 1000 people sharing her story as an Entrepreneur
turned Artist. She was also interviewed in the 100X Connecting Entrepreneurs Daily
Speaker Session and spoke on the topic "Don't wait 20 years to pursue your dream".
Lina Ali's story has also been highlighted and shared in publications such as 28
Credentials Of Entrepreneur "28COE" and "Top 20 Rising Stories" by Salt & Pepper.
Her painting will also be exhibited in New York alongside with other worldwide well
known women artist under “Linked INNYC-Women Of The World” organised by South
Art Dealer NYC happening this year.

As an Entrepreneur turned Artist who is finally pursuing her dream after more than
20 years, Lina Ali understands about life's struggles and what it is like to have to
battle her own self limiting beliefs. She openly shares her stories with the world in the
hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams too, regardless of the obstacles and
challenges one may have to face in achieving them. She would often quote the saying
"It's never too late to pursue your passion". Her love for arts from an early childhood
has driven her to be a self-taught artist and she is proficient in a variety of areas such
as oil painting, acrylic painting, sketching, mix media art as well as digital art. She
loves learning to acquire more knowledge and skills, and believes in growth as an
individual as well as in her arts career. She is currently enrolled in a program to
become a certified Art Therapy Life Coach. Lina Ali believes in making a difference to
the world with the messages she conveys through her artworks. She focuses on
creating artworks that evoke emotions and conversations and hopes to help others
by bringing joy, happiness and positivity into their lives through art.


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